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What is Evernote?

Evernote is a multi-platform system that enables you to keep all those post-its, to-do lists, and bits and pieces in one place. It’s a fantastic and now very commonly used tool that is proving itself to be not only a great application but an essential for anyone!

The application works seamlessly on both Mac and Windows computers, as well as on iPhones, Android, iPad, and other smart digital devices. Its extra features, such as the Web Clipper, can be tied in easily with most browsers and offers not only the capabilities you always wanted, but plenty more you’d never even thought of.

Depending on the device on which you’re running Evernote, there are a number of different features to pick from, including:

  • Email notes directly to Evernote
  • Create different notebooks for different types of information
  • Grab and store images/text online via most browsers
  • Record audio notes
  • Share notes on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn or via Email
  • Keep track of your notes via tags/date/location
  • Create PDFs of notes
  • Create Slideshows of notes
  • Search your notes, images, and attachments
  • Set yourself reminders on notes

How Does Evernote Work?

How often do you think of something that you need to remember? How many times a week do you come across an idea… and then forget about it? Perhaps you dreamed of something that could have been great, only to forget it ten minutes later? Even more importantly… where does all of your inspiration come from, and how much of it gets lost?

Evernote allows you to grab all of these little bits of information and store them in one place by creating ‘notes’ for each item. No more scraps of paper, scrawled-on napkins, or misplaced paper notebooks. It’s all there on your digital devices, your computer, and in the cloud – accessible from anywhere you are at the moment.

Possibly the most impressive part of this app is that you can create notes in pretty much any format, such as a photograph, an email, grabbing something you saw online, or using your phone to record a voice message and then converting it directly into text.

You can even drag and drop things from your computer or a web page right into a note.

Create a multitude of different ‘Notebooks’ for different themes or projects and keep everything stored efficiently and in a way that you can come back to it at any point for a quick refresher.

The multi-platform integration of Evernote means that even if you think of something in bed that needs to be jotted down immediately, you can put it on your phone and then access that information from any other device on which you’ve downloaded the Evernote app.

And when you search for information in Google, you can add search results from your Evernote account too. That way, whenever you’re looking for something particular online and you may have forgotten about relevant notes you’ve already made, Evernote will remind you!

What Do People Use Evernote For?

Evernote can be applied to any area of life; whether it be professional or personal. Some examples include;

  • To collect inspiration for a creative pursuit
  • Writing
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Scrapbooking
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Sculpturing
  • Carpentry
  • Interior design
  • Music creation
  • To keep track of elements of a project
  • Resources
  • People involved
  • Costs
  • Deadlines
  • Materials
  • Collect ideas for a new project/product
  • Encourage collaboration between team members
  • General record keeping
  • Daily organization/To-Dos
  • Shopping lists
  • Daily/Weekly planning
  • Resource lists
  • Material lists

So, do you think Evernote can help you be more productive and organized? Maybe make your life a bit easier?

Watch “Getting Started With Evernote” and then Click Here to get your free Evernote account.

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