Scale Your Business with Strategic Sage

By now, you know sustainable success isn’t about trending tactics; it’s about a solid strategic plan. Imagine having a framework that not only elevates your Strategic Authority™ but also seamlessly builds the 7 layers necessary for a profitable empire… all while remaining grounded in your core values.

You are here because you’re a visionary who believes in growth, strategy, and sustainable success.

Whether it’s a deep-dive session, ongoing guidance, or weekly bursts of insight, we support you in each layer of the Profitable Empires™ Framework:

  • Power: Are you preparing your mind and body to empower your personal and professional success?
  • Position: Are you strategically elevating visibility, credibility, and authority in your industry?
  • People: Is your team trained, motivated, and genuinely invested in your customer’s experience?
  • Process: Are there areas in your operations that can be streamlined for profitable efficiency?
  • Pioneer: Is your company consistently at the forefront with new ideas, workflows, and services?
  • Partner: Are there untapped resources that could significantly increase your growth?
  • Profit: Is your company’s financial success a byproduct or a continuous, proactive goal?

Explore your Strategic Sage options below and let’s build an empire…

Profitable Sense™

VIRTUAL: Audio Insights Membership

In today’s ever changing world, standing still is not an option for successful Founders and CEOs.

We invite you to stay ahead of the curve with short weekly doses of unfiltered business and leadership insights tailored to sharpen your strategic edge.

What you can expect

Profitable Sense™ isn’t more noise on a crowded street. It’s exclusive business and leadership audios curated for the accomplished founder or CEO seeking substance over fluff.

Dr. Linette Montae and DJ Nixon, along with special guest experts, share insights (and hind-sights) around business develpoment, leadership strategies, and empire-building.

Every week, tap into fresh perspectives that add food for thought to your decisions and strategies.

  • Specialized for Success: Exclusive content based on our experiences and select member questions.
  • Founder Wisdom: Receive 3 to 5 concise weekly audio insights, each under 15 minutes to effortlessly fit your lifestyle.
  • Voices of Mastery: Plus special sessions from hand-selected global experts, broadening your business and leadership perspective.
  • Start Strong BONUS*: Daily affirmations guiding your focus, ensuring every day includes intentional mindset growth.

No distractions, just valuable insights.

* Upon joining Profitable Sense™, you have the opportunity to receive the bonus daily affirmations via text message at your preferred time. We’ll provide a link for you to register your mobile number. These affirmations come at no extra charge. If you’d prefer not to get them, simply skip the mobile number registration process. Currently only available in the United States.

Power Hour

VIRTUAL: Private Coaching

10,000 Steps Beyond the Boardroom is the Walk & Talk Coaching Movement That’s Revolutionizing Women’s Mind, Body and Business Health with its unique blend of practical wellness and strategic coaching.

Experience fresh insights, brainstorm sustainable strategies, and tap into a higher level of creative solutions… all within an hour of immersive coaching.

* While the ethos of Power Hour is the ‘walk & talk’ approach, feel free to enjoy your body movement of choice. And we also offer traditional video sessions.

What you can expect

One-on-One Engagement: Elevate your business to the next level and beyond… with an hour of undivided attention from Dr. Linette Montae, an experienced and award-winning results strategist.

Tailored Coaching: Receive actionable sage insights specific to your unique situation and aspirations from a strategic trusted confidante who genuinely understands your personal and professional journey to mastery.

Flexibility at its Best: A 60-minute session without a long-term commitment. (Note: There is only one slot available Monday-Friday.)

Authentic Connection: Collaborate with more than just an advisor; engage in a coaching relationship based on a genuine mutual respect, and a shared commitment to your success.

Assured Confidentiality: Discuss, brainstorm, and strategize with the peace of mind that your conversations remain private… forever!

What is the investment

Power Hour – 10,000 steps 

This is a great choice if:

  • You embrace the walk & talk methodology.
  • Coaching at 6:15 – 7:15 am ET works for your body and your brain.

While the ethos of our sessions promotes the ‘walk & talk’ approach, feel free to enjoy your body movement of choice. I have a client who loves to belly dance. 

* 10,000 Steps Beyond the Boardroom scholarships are sponsored by Plant Balanced® and It’s About Mindset™. When the scholarships run out, the investment will change. 

$1500 $500 per session*

Power Hour – Video Deep Dive 

This is a great choice if:

  • You prefer to meet via video (ex: Zoom). That level of focus is powerful too.
  • My walk & talk time does not fit your lifestyle. Traditional sessions are available at various times of the day. 

$1500 per session

Note: Feel free to book multiple sessions for sustained guidance. However, to ensure efficacy, all sessions must be used within a 90-day time frame.

Voxer Pulse

VIRTUAL: Private Coaching

You’re not just sending a voice message or text; you’re tapping into decades of knowledge, experience, and insights during crucial moments of uncertainty… without the wait.

In a dynamic world of business where timing and expertise can make all the difference, having a strategic trusted confidante just a message away, ready to guide, advise, and provide clarity is priceless!

What you can expect

Direct Access: Benefit from insights on the go, suitable for your fast-paced life and decision-making speed. Reach out via Voxer whenever you encounter a business questions or challenge.

Speedy Responses: The aim is for precise, actionable insights, each tailored to your unique situation, ensuring relevance every time.

  • For 90-day Sprints, you can expect a response within a few hours.
  • For 1-day Intensives, you can expect a response within few minutes.

Texting Hours:

  • For 90-day Sprints, you can send a text any time. Responses will be provided between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm EST, Monday to Friday.
  • For 1-day Intensives, you can text anytime during the coaching window we co-create.

Privacy & Confidentiality: All your queries and the ensuing discussions are strictly confidential… forever!

What is the investment

The value of immediate access to strategic insights in moments of need cannot be overstated. Think of it as your lifeline to strategic insights.

All options are designed to provide you with the focused guidance you require, in the format that best suits your communication preferences and strategic needs.

90-Day Sprint – VOXER

Dive deep into strategic planning, on-the-go decision-making, and continuous guidance over three months. A focused experience curated to achieve elevated business results.

Investment: $13,500

1-Day Intensive – VOXER

Engage in flexible and dynamic guidance in a format that offers the convenience of connecting from anywhere, while allowing for reflection and strategic dialogue throughout the day.

Investment: $3500


Frequently Asked Questions

01. What exactly is the Strategic Sage program?

Strategic Sage is a holistic suite of offerings tailored for top-tier women founders & leaders. It consists of three primary services: Exclusive Audio Insights, Beyond the Boardroom Power Hour, and Voxer Pulse Coaching. Each is designed to deliver value, insights, and guidance in different formats that suit diverse learning and engagement styles.

02. How does the "framework" fit in to these offers?

The Profitable Empire™ Framework serves as the foundation for all Strategic Sage content and coaching. Whether you’re engaging in an audio note, a walk & talk session, or text coaching, the insights provided will often be structured around one or more layer from the framework. This ensures that you receive comprehensive guidance that touches on every aspect of building and scaling a successful empire.

03. Can I signup for more than one offer?

Absolutely! While the three services under Strategic Sage complement each other, they’re designed to stand alone. You can choose one or more offerings that align best with your preferences and needs.

04. I'm already successful. How can this benefit me further?

Success is an ongoing journey, not a destination. The 7-pillar framework is designed for established businesses. Whether you’re refining processes, looking to innovate, or seeking strategic partnerships, there’s always room to grow, scale, and build a more profitable business.

05. Are there any long-term contracts or commitments?

We believe in the value we provide. While there are different options for each program due to their nature, you’ll generally find our terms to be flexible. We want you to stay with us because you see the value, not because of a contract.

06. Can I interact with others in the Strategic Sage community?

Yes, Exclusive Audio Insights offers the unique opportunity to be a part of our exclusive community. However, please note that access to this community isn’t automatic; interested participants need to request inclusion. Once inside, you can engage, collaborate, and network with other ambitious founders and leaders.

06. Are men also welcome to join?

Absolutely! While our messaging and approach resonate strongly with top-tier women, the principles, insights, and guidance provided in Strategic Sage are universally applicable. Men who align with our values and are dedicated to continuous improvement and growth are more than welcome to benefit from our offerings.

06. I have more questions. How can I reach out?

We’d love to hear from you. Simply click on the ‘Contact’ button at the bottom of this page or drop us an email at concierge AT profitableempires DOT com, and our team will get back to you promptly.

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