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“You don’t have to know where you’re going to get there, but you do have to take action for movement to happen!”

— Linette Montae

Trusted Strategic Confidante

I see you! I understand you! I am here for you!

Linette Montae is a Trusted Strategic Confidante with over 30 years of experience using her Profitable CEO® Framework to elevate internal and external customer experience and drive profitability for Inc. 1000 companies.

"The secret to rapidly maximizing profitability is to intentionally and consistently exceeds customer expectations!" ~ Linette Montae

Her proprietary approach focuses on the transformative power of feminine leadership energy - making her the go-to expert for top-tier women CEOs, Founders, & Trailblazers who want to “shed the shoulds” of masculine success and achieve happiness, health, and wealth in their personal and professional lives.

"The superwoman cape is no longer desired!" ~ Linette Montae

In addition to hosting exclusive Legacy Influencer® Retreats for high-level women, Linette Montae also mentors the next generation of female leaders through her nonprofit, Legacy Impact™.

Linette Montae has been recognized as "100 Women to KNOW in America" and has served 2 years on the Forbes Coaches Council. Linette Montae is also an award-winning results strategist, author, and has been featured in various media broadcasts and respected publications.