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Disrupt Expectations. Defy Limitations.

I see you! I understand you! I am here for you!

For too long, women have been defined by the labels given to us and the societal expectations that come with them.

As daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, and CEOs... we are bombarded with what others believe we should do, say, eat, wear, think, and... desire!

But you are a TRAILBLAZER! 

You have already accomplished what, for some, was unimaginable...

and now, the next dream is kicking- the BIG audacious dream that few, if any, know about...

that secret DESIRE you have been longing to fulfill...

yessss, that ONE!


Linette Montae is the best strategic confidante in the world for trailblazing affluent women Founders, CEOs, and Experts to transform your big audacious dream into a Happy, Healthy & Wealthy LEGACY.

Legacy Influencer®

Linette works with a select few high-profile leaders through private mentoring, rapid results intensives, exclusive VIP retreats, and operational excellence consultancy.

Use this opportunity to share your background and how you came to be knowledgable in this area. Reiterate the struggles you used to experience until you found a better way. Give several examples of how much your life and business changed once you put the teachings in your course or product into action. Help to paint the picture of what life was then and what it is now. What are the incredible experiences you are having today due to the changes you made?