There are profit leaks, hidden revenue, and missed opportunities INSIDE your business… right now!

As a savvy CEO, you are looking to…

identify hidden revenue and missed opportunities

identify areas where you can save time and resources to optimize efficiency and maximize profitability

make data-driven decisions to increase profitability and identify areas for improvement

identify new opportunities for revenue growth and develop a strategy to pursue them without sacrificing quality

prioritize activities that will have the greatest impact on growing and scaling your business

Profit Leaks AUDIT™

We will peel back the layers of your business to spot areas where you have leaking profits, hidden revenue, and missed opportunities. Then, we’ll make actionable recommendations on how to maximize your profitability.

Bespoke for you…

Customized Insight

As someone with a high growth rate, your business nuances are unique. Our audit recognizes that and offers bespoke solutions, not generic advice.

Data-Driven Decisions

Base your next business moves on hard data. With our audit, you’ll have a clearer understanding of which activities yield maximum profit and which ones drain resources.

Strategic Growth

It’s not just about spotting the leaks. Once identified, we’ll provide actionable strategies to fix them.

Holistic Approach

Whether it’s operational nuances, client engagement, or revenue funnels, our audit offers a 360-degree view, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Our BOLD Promise

If our 10-day Profit Leaks Audit™ doesn’t reveal opportunities for your company to at least 10x your investment… the audit is complimentary.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What exactly is a Profit Leaks Audit™?

A Profit Leaks Audit™ is a thorough evaluation of your business to identify areas where you might be losing money or missing out on potential profits. We meticulously assess various aspects of your business to uncover these “leaks” and then offer actionable strategies to maximize your earnings effectively.

02. Is the Profit Leaks Audit™ only for 7-figure businesses?

While our Profit Leaks Audit™ is finely tuned to benefit 7-figure businesses, it’s not exclusively for them. If you have an established, successful business and the financial capability to invest in optimizing your profits, our audit can offer significant insights and value.

03. How much does the Profit Leaks Audit cost?

The investment for a Profit Leaks Audit™ starts at $10,000. This cost includes a comprehensive assessment of your business processes and strategies, followed by tailored recommendations to help optimize your profit generation.

04. How much time do I need to commit as a business owner during the audit process?

Your involvement mainly includes completing a questionnaire and attending a 90-minute delivery session where we’ll discuss our findings and recommendations. The rest is taken care of by us.

05. For what types of businesses is the Profit Leaks Audit™ most suitable?

The audit is ideally suited for service-based businesses such as coaches, consultants, and subject matter experts. It’s primarily tailored for businesses focused on providing services rather than products.

06. How can you offer a money-back guarantee?

With nearly four decades of experience and a profound understanding of business profitability, we are confident in our ability to deliver valuable insights and recommendations. Our extensive expertise allows us to offer a money-back guarantee confidently.

07. How frequently should a business undergo a Profit Leaks Audit™?

We recommend having an audit conducted at least annually to ensure continual optimization of your profit strategies. Some of our clients find value in quarterly audits, allowing for more agile adjustments and continuous improvement.

08. What is included in the audit?

The audit includes a deep dive into your business’s financial strategies and operational processes to identify any inefficiencies or leaks. You’ll receive a comprehensive report with our findings, as well as actionable strategies and recommendations for improvement.

09. How long does the entire audit process take?

The audit process, from the initial assessment to the final delivery of recommendations, is meticulously crafted and typically spans over ten days to ensure a thorough and valuable evaluation.

10. What outcomes can I expect from the Profit Leaks Audit™?

The aim of the audit is to provide you with strategic insights to uncover hidden profits, optimize existing processes, and ensure that your business operates at peak financial efficiency. You’ll walk away with actionable strategies to bolster your business’s profitability.