The results are in, and you’re a


You have secured a strong place in the market.

You’re meeting revenue goals. It’s time to double down!

“When you fail to treat your customers well. . . you are sending your competition a very expensive gift!”

— Linette Montae

So what is my next step?

Turn your interests towards exploring acquisitions, enhancing passive streams of revenue, and implementing strong investment strategies.

Your company is healthy, and a long-term strategic plan is your next play.

This may take some time, and the growth that comes from next-level strategies may break the systems you worked hard to create.

But when you develop and execute a solid competitive strategy, it’s possible to make profits that generate an above-average return. And it’ll be worth the effort when you start seeing those next-level results!


You know what your ideal customer wants. Now it’s time to invest in the relationship.

If you treat your current customers exceptionally well, they’ll be more likely to leave a positive review and recommend you to their friends.

Carve out time to talk to your customers and build a solid relationship. Then, intentionally craft an experience that will have them “happily”coming back to buy from you again and again.

Mastery is a pivotal stage where your business can grow into a big company, or it can fall prey to owner impatience.

You do not need a cookie-cutter recommendation, and we don’t make them.

Trusted Strategic Confidante

I see you! I understand you! I am here for you!

Linette Montae is a Trusted Strategic Confidante with over 30 years of experience using her Profitable CEO® Framework to elevate internal and external customer experience and drive profitability for Inc. 1000 companies.

"The secret to rapidly maximizing profitability is to intentionally and consistently exceeds customer expectations!" ~ Linette Montae

Her proprietary approach focuses on the transformative power of feminine leadership energy - making her the go-to expert for top-tier women CEOs, Founders, & Trailblazers who want to “shed the shoulds” of masculine success and achieve happiness, health, and wealth in their personal and professional lives.

"The superwoman cape is no longer desired!" ~ Linette Montae

In addition to hosting exclusive Legacy Influencer® Retreats for high-level women, Linette Montae also mentors the next generation of female leaders through her nonprofit, Legacy Impact™.

Linette Montae has been recognized as "100 Women to KNOW in America" and has served 2 years on the Forbes Coaches Council. Linette Montae is also an award-winning results strategist, author, and has been featured in various media broadcasts and respected publications.