Why did you choose private practice?

Let me guess – freedom, right?

Has it occurred to you yet that – whether you work for someone else or work for yourself – the legal profession is an hours-for-dollars business?

The traditional model is designed for you to make money from billable hours and the only way to increase profitability is by doing more client work. The problem shows up when you run out of time and hit an income ceiling.

Law school taught you how to win cases…

… but the key to winning in business is to think like a lawyer and act like a CEO.

That means – diversifying your income streams by expanding your law firm’s footprint in the digital marketplace.

Here are 5 opportunities to consider:

💡 bundled and/or virtual services

💡 membership programs

💡 digital products and courses

💡 corporate training

💡 software

VIP Experience

Private Consulting Meets Priority Attention

"Very Important Profit" is an opportunity for high-achieving women to work privately with one of our expert consultants on designing your Empire Builders Blueprint.

Based on your Profit Profile™ and the opportunities identified in your Profit Scorecard Assessment™ - your VIP experience will be allocated to building, evaluating or customizing a sustainable profitability plan.

If you are curious - invest in a 6-hour VIP Day! If you are committed - invest in a 3-day VIP Retreat!

STOP Wasting Time (& Money) Trying To Follow Big Firm Footsteps!

High-level Executive Rountable

HER is a high-level strategic discussion for women lawyers around a topic that impacts the growth and profitability of your law practice. This intimate virtual event is held monthy - by "invitation only".

What's YOUR Profit Profile?

If you are serious about winning in today’s marketplace... invest 5-minutes to get the
Best Growth Strategies for You and Your Practice!

Complimentary & Confidential