Influence is not “who you are or who you know”
Influence is not “what you do or what you have”
Influence IS Walking In your. . .


You love your life and are grateful for the many blessings; yet you are experiencing a persistent feeling in the pit of your stomach. Something is undoubtedly missing and you find yourself asking “Why am I here?”



History has shown you that in order to reach a new level of success. . . more will be required. As you prepare to leave your comfort zone for the next Big Dream. . . you self assess by asking “How am I leading?”



Your multi-million dollar company is doing well. Now your priorities have changed and you want more. . . you expect more. When you look at the rest of your life and beyond, you ask “What am I building?”



In today’s “Google it” society…there’s no shortage of information on the internet that claims to help you grow a bigger better business. However, information alone doesn’t help you choose your best opportunities and it doesn’t get the work done so you can take the necessary strategic steps.

If you want to grow your firm beyond where it is today, our exclusive “invitation-only” events are designed for women in law to converse about industry projections, collaborate on growth opportunities, and calibrate profitable strategies.


Experience tells us that you have profit trapped inside your company- right now, and you don’t know it’s there, don’t know where it is and/or simply don’t know how to set it free.

Very Important Profit Days are designed especially for women in law who want private consulting and priority attention.

During a 6-hour laser focused consulting day, you will invest 1-on-1 time customizing your Profit PLAN in one of three areas: Customer Experience, Employee Engagement or Operational Excellence.