The results are in, and you’re a


Congratulations, you’re a MILLIONAIRE!

Now it’s time to build a solid infrastructure to support company growth.

“Increasing profit margins is the result of doing the Right Things, by the Right People, in the Right Way!”

— Linette Montae

So what is my next step?

Business is thriving and you’re driven to do what it takes to reach the next level… but you need more free time and a lot less stress.

The CEO Leader faces three core hurdles:

Challenge #1: I need freedom.

Delegate the growth and development of your business to an effective management team.

Challenge #2: I need efficiency.

Create formal processes and systems to manage the sales and customer base that has outgrown your current business structure.

Challenge #3: I need funding.

Look for sources of money such as partnerships, banks, grants, profits, and leasing options.

Your biggest challenge is PRODUCTIVITY.

Your biggest need is RELIEF.

You do not need a cookie-cutter recommendation, and we don’t make them.

Strategic Trusted Confidante

Dr. Linette Montae’s portfolio represents the juncture between 4 decades of Profitability & Leadership Consulting for small-midsize companies, Strategic Trusted Advising for top-tier women founders, and 4 advanced degrees.

At Linette Montae International, Dr. Montae's tailored approach focuses on leadership mastery development that is practical, engaging, and effective for women to embody the feminine leadership energy needed to navigate change, stay ahead of the curve, and drive real-world results.

"Feminine Leadership Energy is our Legacy!" ~ Linette Montae

At Profitable Empires™, Dr. Montae specializes in leveraging her proprietary Strategic Authority™ Formula to elevate the visibility, credibility and authority of highly accomplished women leaders... solidifying their brand as influential, impactful, and profitable.

"You are not just a player. You are the one redefining the rules!" ~ Linette Montae

Dr. Linette's Legacy Influencer® purpose is to eradicate what women allow as acceptable - making her the go-to expert for top-tier women CEOs, Founders, & Trailblazers who want to “shed the shoulds” of traditional masculine rules of success and achieve happiness, health, and wealth in their personal and professional lives.

"The superwoman cape is no longer desired!" ~ Linette Montae

When not hosting exclusive events for CEO Women, Dr. Linette can be found making a difference in the lives of young women and teen girls. Through philanthropic initiatives, she provides them with the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to grow beyond their circumstances and rise as next generation leaders.

Dr. Linette Montae’s exceptional leadership impact has earned her numerous accolades, including Women of Power, 100 Women to KNOW in America, and induction into the Hall of Fame 2023. In addition to years of service on the esteemed Forbes Coaches Council, Linette Montae is an award-winning results strategist, national speaker, and published author. Her expertise is highly sought after by international media outlets and respected publications.