We Modernize Law Firm Processes & Systems To Keep You Doing… What You Do Best!


Let’s face it. . . the U.S. economy is going to be challenging for a while.

And nearly every Law Firm is hunting for ways to Pivot, Recover & Grow Forward beyond the current climate – and the 1-2 years to follow.

You are under pressure to:

📊 save significant money;

📊 get more done with less people;

📊 avoid “self-inflicted” gap problems;

📊 make “turn on a dime” decisions, and

📊 get laser focused on revenue generating activities


But mid-market law firms have the additional disadvantage of being too large to Pivot quickly – and solo/small firms will struggle to Recover without access to extensive resources.

Whether a surge in demand or a drop off in demand, expanding your law firm’s presence in the online marketplace is the #1 key to Growing Forward.


Scalable Growth


Demand Surges


Crisis Response



In the Time it Takes to Blink… Your Law Firm Can Come CRASHING Down!

Law Firm challenges are not the same as they were a few years ago. Your competition is stiffer, everything is moving faster, and clients are more demanding.

Today, we live in an age where virtual communication and services are expected; and every single time your law firm fails to deliver. . .

  • You Lose Clients
  • You Lose Referrals
  • You Lose Dollars

In other words, for every current and prospective client lost. . . You Are Sending Your Competition A Very Expensive Gift!

We have been finding trapped profit and setting it free for decades – and while every law firm has its unique nuances – one thing remains the same. . . behind closed doors your infrastructure is messy and outdated!

It’s not your fault!

Law school taught us the “laws of business” but not one thing about the “business of law!

Complimentary & Confidential

“Profit Scorecard” Self-Assessment

Are You Wasting Time Trying To Fix The Wrong Profit Problem?

When law firms bring us in to conduct our proprietary Profit Finding Audit™, we always find profit trapped in one or more areas:


Our expert consultants know what it takes to compete and WIN in the online marketplace. We look beyond “what” happened – to determine “why” it happened.


Our expert consultants know what it takes to empower people and build culture in a remote work environment. We look beyond “performance” – to understand “behavior”.


Our expert consultants know what it takes to increase productivity, performance, and profitability. . . without decreasing quality. We look beyond the work being done – to “how” the work can best be done.

If you are serious about winning in today’s marketplace. . . invest 5 minutes to answer 10 simple “yes or no” Profit Scorecard questions!

About Linette Montae

“What you do is Service – HOW you do it is Profitable™”

Linette Montae’s natural gift for optimizing “how” the work gets done can be traced back to age 7. As a young latchkey child, it only took Linette a couple of tries to successfully create a process that met her mom’s standards for doing homework, cooking dinner, and washing dishes – while still having time leftover to watch TV before bedtime.

Today, Linette’s advanced degrees in psychology; executive leadership; and performance improvement; along with her natural gift for systems thinking and decades of improving business infrastructures for service-based companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations. . . quickly positioned her as an award winning Strategic Advisor with a passion for designing premium customer experiences.

But it wasn’t until her 2019 law degree that solidified the decision to focus her expertise on designing sustainable profit and performance solutions for lawyers.

“Law school taught us the “laws of business” but not one thing about the “business of law”.

Profitable Empires™ is a boutique consultancy firm that focuses on optimizing processes and systems for Women-Owned Law Firms. Whether a surge in demand or a drop off in demand, we help our clients save significant money, get more done with less people, avoid “self-inflicted” gap problems, make “turn on a dime” decisions, and get laser focused on revenue generating activities. Our primary goal is to design solutions that increase productivity, performance, and profitability… without decreasing quality.

When not steering the helm at Profitable Empires™, Linette Montae can be found traveling the globe overseeing her proprietary Profit Finding Audit™, facilitating high-level Masterminds for Women In Law, serving as momager for two young adult entrepreneurs, and supporting her social-enterprise mission as Founder of Profitable CEO®.

In addition to being a national speaker and author of two books . . . Linette Montae has been published in various magazines, and featured on TV and radio.