The results are in, and you’re a


Congratulations, you have a steady stream of sales.

Now, it’s time to double down on visibility and marketing.

“If you want substantial changes to your profit margins, EXPECT that your actions will also need to be substantial.!”

— Linette Montae

So what is my next step?

Being visible and credible to your ideal customer will increase your revenue, grow your market share, and develop a consistently converting sales process.

The CEO Builder faces three core hurdles:

Challenge #1: Underestimating product/service time to market.

Being prepared if something takes twice as long and costs twice as much will help keep your business (and your sanity) in tact.

Challenge #2: Failing to balance startup demands.

Establishing a customer base and market presence is just as important as tracking and conserving cash flow.

Challenge #3: Trying to build with limited money.

Focus on securing reliable money sources for ongoing business development.

As a CEO Builder, you are wearing all of the hats. And even if you’ve been able to outsource a role or two, you still have a lot on your plate.

Your biggest challenge is CONSISTENCY.

Your biggest need is REVENUE.

FOCUS on retaining your current customer base and persistently making product/service offers to generate consistent revenue.

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Trusted Confidante & Profitability Strategist

🦋 you are not just a player.  you are the one redefining the rules.

At Profitable Empires™, Dr. Linette Montae uses her Scale Your Next Millions Blueprint™ to create Profitable Authority Branding™ that elevates the visibility, credibility and authority of highly accomplished female entrepreneurs, experts and executives... increasing their influence, impact and income.

At Linette Montae International, Dr. Montae's tailored approach focuses on women embodying their feminine leadership energy to navigate change, stay ahead of the curve, and drive real-world results. What sets Dr. Montae apart is her mission to “shed the shoulds” of traditional masculine rules and redefine feminine success as being Happy, Healthy and Wealthy, personally and professionally.

When not hosting exclusive Legacy Influencer® events for CEO Women, Dr. Linette Montae can be found making a difference in the lives of young women and teen girls. Through philanthropic initiatives, she provides them with the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to grow beyond their circumstances and rise as next generation leaders.

With 4 decades of experience and 4 advanced degrees, Dr. Montae's exceptional leadership impact has earned her numerous accolades, including Women of Power, 100 Women to KNOW in America, and induction into the International Hall of Fame.

In addition to her appointment to the Leadership Council of the esteemed National Small Business Association, Dr. Linette Montae is an award-winning results strategist, national speaker, and published author. Her expertise is highly sought after by international media outlets and respected publications.